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✌︎ Exfoliate a couple days before the appointment; this will bring any extra pesky hairs to the surface

✌︎ Do not wear any lotions or oils the day of your appointment

✌︎ GET EXCITED! You're about to be nude and smooooth!

✌︎ Put the shaver down a minimum of 2 weeks prior to sugaring


✌︎ A reason to skip the gym- no excessive sweating for a minimum of 24 hours post sugar

✌︎ No tanning, swimming, hot tubs for 24 hours post sugaring

✌︎ Do not shave in between your appointments; this will negatively affect your long-term results

✌︎ Do not pick your ingrowns; we have a Fur Facial that can help that!

✌︎ Pre book your next appointment for 4 to 6 weeks

✌︎ Get into a routine and you'll experience all the amazing benefits of sugaring

✌︎ You are now completely exfoliated! Wait at least 48 hours to continue with further exfoliation (Hello, dry brush!)

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